Newly Engaged? 3 C's To Kickoff Your Engagement!


You’re newly engaged to the love of your life and now you’re scratching your head googling, “I just got engaged! How do I plan my wedding??”

Well, friend, I’ve got your back. I’ve been there and work with couples to plan their beautiful big day!

Here are three simple steps to take (all starting with the letter C, how convenient!) that will help you start your engagement and wedding planning with confidence and joy.


1. Celebrate!

This is so important because YOU ARE WORTH CELEBRATING! Take the time to celebrate well and in the ways that you and your fiancé feel loved. Whether it be as simple as popping some champagne for the two of you, a special dinner with your families, or a large engagement party, take time to celebrate the fact that you have found the love of your life and are committing to each other.

Commitment is a big deal and should be celebrated as much as possible.
Photo by taylor hernandez on Unsplash

2. Communicate

Let the people closest to you, family, bffs, and those in your community know you are engaged! This could be a series of phone calls and FaceTime, coffee dates, or even fun Instastories. Let the people you love most know about your engagement. They’ll want to celebrate with you and cheer you on as you begin to make plans for your wedding and marriage.

Another important aspect of communication is expectations. Communicate desires and dreams first with your fiancé. Then share any expectations and wishes you have for family members and friends to be involved with your wedding. Even if you aren’t sure just yet how you want someone to be involved, let them know they are important to you and that their support matters.

Photo by Tom The Photographer on Unsplash

3. Collaborate

You and your fiancé are partners for life! Let your wedding and marriage plans be a space where you collaborate, first with your fiancé, then with your professional team and, finally, with family and friends. Make the decisions about your engagement season and wedding day together and then share the load. You’re a great team, that you already know.

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