5 Ways To Give Back At Your Wedding

You’ve seen that episode of friends haven’t you? The One With The Home Study? While Monica and Chandler are preparing for their first adoption home study, Phoebe and Mike flip flop between using their money for a big wedding or donating to a children’s fund.

This episode is rather funny, but it doesn’t tell the truth that you can do both. You can host a meaningful celebration and give back.

Here are five thoughtful ways you can give back at your wedding:

1. In lieu of favors, donate to a charity. On each guest’s table setting, add a note about the charity and why you believe in it. Tell your guests that their support of your marriage inspires you to support others.

Peace of mind for the mindful

Your marriage is worth celebrating. Your marriage is also expansive and makes an impact on the local and global community.

2. Ask your guests to donate to a charity instead of gifts. You can include this request on your registry, website, or a note in the invitation suite. Be sure to add in a little bit about the specific charity, why you believe in it, and a link to where they can donate. Zola.com makes it easy for you to add a charity to your registry.

3. Think local to impact global. Supporting local, small businesses not only helps your own community thrive and grow, it also reduces your carbon footprint—making a global impact. Contact businesses like rental companies, hire local photographers, florists who source at local flower farms, and boutiques in your city for wedding attire and favors.

4. Honor your people…and do so in a way that is meaningful to you too. This could be a dance with dad or mom, parents walking you down the aisle, a special thank you speech to your guests or wedding party or a memory table. Another a common way to give back is by giving gifts and hand written cards to your special people.

5. Donate your wedding flowers to a local hospice or hospital after the wedding. Do a little research before your wedding day as to where you’d like the flowers donated. Not sure where to reach out to first? Ask your florist or wedding planner for suggestions. Request that your planner, florist or friend deliver the flowers to your chosen place the day after your wedding. Be sure to call the hospice or hospital ahead of time to confirm that their clients are able to receive these lovely floral bouquets.

Incorporating ways to give back into your wedding planning will have you feeling like a million bucks!

However you choose to give back, remember that your marriage matters to the local and global community. Your relationship has the power to inspire and lift up those in your circle on your wedding day and every day after that.

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All the images are from a stunning styled shoot that used local resources in the Springfield, MO area. If you’re also planning your wedding in Springfield or Southwest Missouri, check out the local vendors who were part of this shoot:

Design & Styling: Wildly Collective

Floral Design: Wildly Collective & Queen City Blooms

Photographers: Inner Images Photography & Beth Solano Photography

Decor: The Vintage Rental Company, Moon City Vintage, Wildly Collective, and DG Stewart Hardgoods

Gown: The Dress Bridal Boutique

Makeup and Hair: Gloss Makeup & Hair

Pie: Prairie Pie

Venue: DG Stewart Hardgoods

Model: Anna Neale

Coordination: Unions With Celia