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Greenhouse Two Rivers Wedding, Highlandville, MO - Natalee + Felicia's Modern, Summer Celebration

Natalee and Felicia set a new standard for originality, fun, and style at their summer wedding held at Greenhouse Two Rivers. The Springfield, Missouri couple celebrated their love along with family and friends all day long with the help of their creative wedding planner, Unions With Celia, and their amazing local wedding vendor team. Be inspired by their love story and their creative, nontraditional wedding style.

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University Heights Baptist Church Wedding - Springfield, MO, Christina + Yisrael

Christina and Yisrael Vincent are bright stars and their wedding was full of meaning, connection, and joy! Every person at the wedding had a huge smile on their face knowing that these two are made for each other. The stunning, traditional ceremony followed by a classy reception left us all inspired. Yet, none of it shined as brightly as them.

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