Greenhouse Two Rivers Wedding, Highlandville, MO - Natalee + Felicia's Modern, Summer Celebration

Natalee and Felicia’s wedding is one for the books!

These women are madly in love and deeply love their community. They took intentional time to invest in their bridesmaids, family, and friends during their special day. Their unique style shined on their wedding day through their design and intentional details. Their wedding was both stylish and fun, and will certainly inspire all couples.

I’m over the moon pumped to share the amazing details that made wedding planning for Natalee and Felicia a dream!

The celebration started immediately with these amazing ladies!

Natalee and Felicia custom made denim vests for each of their six bridesmaids to wear the morning of the wedding. For the ceremony and reception, they asked their wedding party to wear complimentary dresses and jumpsuits that resembled a modern rainbow.

Natalee and Felicia used decor (including over 40 plants) from their own home to decorate! Each table had items that directly related to the people seated at that table. For example, their friends who also love (or sadly, hate) Alabama football, were seated at the Roll Tide table, which included Alabama football inspired items as the centerpieces. They took inspiration from their own lives to make the day a true reflection of them.

Felicia created a cigar bar in honor of her father who passed away. Their guests enjoyed the cigars and all the photos and mementos from his beautiful life.

Felicia surprised Natalee with a pink neon sign with their phrase “Take A Walk On the Wild Side!”

Guests were greeted by life size cutouts of Natalee and Felicia and a friendly llama named Penny (who wore the cutest floral necklace). Guests proudly took photos with all three ladies.

Guests sported their new temporary tattoos of Natalee and Felicia’s lovely faces.

Their favorite place to eat is Old Cesar’s Mexican in Springfield, Missouri. They eat there once a week. Naturally, they asked Cesar to cater dinner, and it was delicious!

Instead of a traditional father-daughter dance, Natalee’s entire family jumped in.

The classic Guns N Roses “Sweet Child O’ Mine” began playing as Natalee’s brother took center dance floor with a blow up guitar. Her dad then enteeds with his sunglasses on and another blow up guitar. Then Natalee and her mom enter too. It was the most epic dance! Everyone had a blast!

Natalee and Felicia had their first dance to Chris Stapleton’s “Tennessee Whiskey.” Their good friend, TJ Holem, was the DJ, which made for such a great environment. I’ve never seen EVERYONE, and I mean EVERYONE on the dancefloor for a slow song. TJ rocked it!

Musician Shaun Munday played for the pre-ceremony cocktail hour and ceremony. Songs Shaun sang for the processional included, “Here Comes The Sun” by the The Beatles, “Isn’t She Lovely by Stevie Wonder,” “One and Onl"y” by Adele, and “The Story” by Brandi Carlile. The recessional was to “Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I’m Yours)” by Stevie Wonder. Shaun Munday also sang this tune.

Natalee and Felicia chose to greet their guests during the initial cocktail hour before the ceremony. It was sweet seeing so many people pleasantly surprised and overjoyed to see them both right away.

The Ozark Mtn Flower Truck provided the florals for the day. The bridesmaids had a few different floral pieces. The dogs and llama, Penny all received floral collars! Natalee also picked the flowers for Felicia’s bouquet.

Then for their first look, Natalee hid her face with the bouquet she made for Felicia. It was such a sweet and tender moment.

All three of Natalee and Felicia’s adorable pups were part of the ceremony! Natalee’s dad and grandfather and Felicia’s brother were also part of the special processional.

During their first kiss family members shot off gold streamer cannons!

Spot the custom built wooden sun backdrop used for the ceremony and head table that Natalee’s company created.

Their head table included prayer candles...including Saint Justin Timberlake.

During her speech, maid of honor, Stephanie, rapped about her friendship with Natalee and Felicia and their love story to the beat of “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.” Mic Drop.

The bridesmaids all set off a different colored smoke bomb to create the most stunning rainbow smoke bomb.

For dessert, a local favorite treat, Pineapple Whip, was provided to all the guests in addition to delicious cupcakes!

The cake was a simple white cake with pink flamingos hanging out up top.

To melt your heart even more, when asked about the most important aspect of the day, they shared a name instead. Natalee’s grandma was the most important person at their wedding. They honored her so well and even asked her to sign as one of their witnesses.

To end the night, the brides drove away in a classic, black convertible. Natalee’s family owns several classic cars, naturally one was chosen for their getaway after running through the cheers of the friends waving glow sticks.

Natalee and Felicia Stinson’s wedding was incredibly intentional, beautiful, and meaningful.

No wonder it was featured on Dancing With Her!

They infused their day with many non-traditional, fun, and personable concepts and proved that the best weddings are the ones that genuinely celebrate the life and love of the couple. I am so honored to have been part of their day!

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Last, but certainly not least, I want to share some notes from Natalee and Felicia about their story.

How did you two meet?  

We knew each other for years, in passing. But at the a sweet little neighborhood (Tipsy Turtle) bar where Felicia bartended at would be where we got to know each other better.

When did you know you loved each other? 

Felicia: I knew almost instantly-- I would say within a couple months of dating it clicked and I found myself always wanting to be around Natalee and that feeling has never gone away. 

Natalee: Maybe not almost instantly but pretty quickly into it.  I had never been very good at relationships but something about Fel instantly made me want to change that.

What was your favorite moment on your wedding day? 

Felicia: There's so many!! How could I pick just one. Definitely the look on Natalee's face during our first look it will forever being in my heart; one of our bridesmaid busting out with a rap during her toast, and Natalee and I's first dance that we took dance lessons for and it was so US. 

Natalee: I agree – No way I can pick just one.  I think seeing our vision completely come together was an incredible feeling, Felicia looked stunning, our llama greeter did great, I will always hold our dance and the rap toast and my brothers toast in a special place in my heart – Everything was perfect that day.

What was your favorite styled aspect of your wedding? 

Felicia: The uniqueness of almost every aspect of it. Also, I felt like the style of our wedding was a breath of fresh air; I might be partial though. Everything had meaning to us, and everything was done with a purpose. 

Natalee: Completely agree – The non-traditional, eclectic vibe.  Not one guest had ever been to a wedding styled like that.  From the décor to our food vendors and everything in between - everything had meaning to us and I don’t think many people can say that about their wedding day.

What is one piece of advice you want to give to another couple getting married? 

Felicia: I think the best advice we got was “take a look around at your environment.” This gave Natalee and I the real aspect that we wanted to make our day a peek into our lives for all our guest! 

Natalee: Stay away from trends – be unique and creative and make it show who you are as a couple.

What's the best thing about being married to your partner?

Felicia: The best thing being married to Natalee is you are always in store for a fun, exciting adventure whether you're ready for it or not! She makes me better-- She sparks my creativity and motivates me to get execute it. We're for sure the dream team when you put us together. 

Natalee: The best thing about being married to Felicia is her big heart – She makes us a better team and creates the perfect balance for us.  We are very different people yet put together we create one hell of a team. 

The incredible dream wedding team of vendors who supported Natalee and Felicia on their wedding day!

Photography: Lauren Greenberg Photography

Venue: Greenhouse Two Rivers

Wedding Planner: Unions With Celia

Ceremony and Cocktail Hour Musician: Shaun Munday

Officiant: Phillip Wright of The Venues

DJ: TJ with Nakedcove Entertainment

Dinner: Cesar’s Old Mexico

Cake: Becca Bakes

Sweet Snack : Pineapple Whip

Hair Stylist: Erin Booher

Makeup Artist: Emily Edgar

Floral Designer: Ozark Mtn Flower Truck

Felicia’s Bodice: BHLDN

Felicia’s Skirt: Mary Horton [local seamstress] with Mary’s Alterations

Natalee’s Jumpsuit: Dillards

Rings: Calvin Broyles, Hayley Rupe with Museglass

Custom Tattoos: Erin Sketchler (etsy)