Let's Start At The Beginning

Friend, I cannot tell you enough how excited I am to begin blogging about my journey as a wedding planner.

I feel like I am living my dream. In college I often said that I wanted to be a “professional friend” when I grew up. Here I am, your professional bff during your engagement, on your wedding day, and for the years to come. Dreams do come true! 

To kick things off on the blog, I thought it only appropriate that I share a piece of my story with you.

Why did I become a wedding planner?

Well, truth be told, it was never part of my plan. For as much as I have always enjoyed celebrating life and love, wedding planning as a career wasn’t even on my radar. Yet, here I am working with awesome couples and clients to create meaningful events.

My first wedding

They trusted me with their wedding day, and I learned that I LOVE this work and do this work well.

It all started on a drive (I feel like the best ideas and conversations happen while I’m driving. Anyone else?). I was driving alone heading to my best friend’s wedding shower. Being used to the five hour drive I planned to make a few phone calls and listen to some good music.

You guessed it, none of that happened. As I peeled out of Springfield, Missouri, and headed toward central Oklahoma, I reflected on the journey of my two friends getting married and all the ways they were preparing for their wedding and marriage.

That thought continued and expanded for all five hours of my drive. My thoughts stretched out to all couples navigating their engagement. Suddenly my mind was swirling with ideas that went far beyond timelines and seating charts. Navigating family dynamics, personal growth, customizing the day and expectations to reveal the heart and creativity of the couple were all concepts that I wanted to invest in. I learned something new about myself. I am inspired to walk with couples towards the most meaningful relationship of their lives.

All us gals at Kayla and Phil's wedding. The wedding that sparked the idea!

All us gals at Kayla and Phil's wedding. The wedding that sparked the idea!

The shower was beautiful, and I returned home to work my full time job and complete my master’s degree. But I couldn’t shake the thought of empowering couples to make their wedding day and engagement more intentional and all the more meaningful.

Living in the weeds of transcribing interviews and shoulder deep in books to complete my degree, I told myself that if I was still dreaming about wedding planning once I defended my capstone THEN I would jump in to researching about this field.

Is it obvious that I couldn’t stop dreaming? I mean, here we are a couple of years later and I’m finally sharing my story on my wedding planning website. Pinch me!

Once I graduated, I dove in! Ready to learn everything I could about the ins and outs of wedding planning. I spent time practicing coordinating, decorating, and read and read and read. You know what happened? I loved it. Every bit and second of creating individualized timelines, drafting design concepts, navigating family dynamics with joy--I love it all!

My WHY started to deepen as well.

Every couple should feel support and love as they begin their marriage. 

Reflecting on my own journey towards and in marriage, I realized I carried negative and unhealthy ideas about relationships before I got married and during the early years. After working through those toxic approaches to marriage, I have become more passionate about helping couples filter out the noise and focus on what matters most--each other. 

I am so grateful for the couples who trusted me with their wedding days and engagement seasons as I learned the ropes of planning and coordinating. My gratitude extends to friends and family inside and outside the wedding industry who have affirmed me and cheered me on in so many ways. All the questionnaires you’ve completed and hours of creating with me have meant the world! To all the planners and creative professionals who openly shared wisdom with me, thank you! I have learned so much!

I am so honored to work with amazing couples and clients! Your stories are beautiful and your wedding days and intentional events are going to be SO FUN!!!  

Last, but not least, I am so excited that YOU are on this journey with me.

I’ll be blogging tips ranging from practical planning tools to relationship wisdom. Keep your eyes out for sweet notes from me on this site.

So much love to you!



I've also been a bridesmaid 9428763 times. :) Well, maybe not that many. Here is my cutie-pa-tootie family at my sister's wedding.

I've also been a bridesmaid 9428763 times. :) Well, maybe not that many. Here is my cutie-pa-tootie family at my sister's wedding.