Wedding at The Round Barn - Springfield, MO - Tessa + Chandler

It is time. Time to tell you about Tessa and Chandler. These two love birds have been married a little over a year now (June 10, 2017, baby!). I know, I know. I'm late to starting my blog and posting about the amazing couples I work with. BUT you know what they say, better late than never. Right?? I'm a wedding planner,  not a professional blogger. Sheesh. ;) 

Back to the Coopers. 

Gosh, I love them! 

I've known Tessa for over eight years. We met at the Q Enoteca (a super cool wine bar in Springfield) when neither of us were old enough to drink. I love sounding edgy! It wasn't an edgy situation, though. We were part of a group that happened to meet at the Q each week. It was a cool space that wasn't being utilized Sunday afternoons. That's all. No edge. Okay, maybe a little.

Any ways, Tessa and I connected and became friends. She has always sought to take care of people and create beautiful things. And me? I was (still am) passionate about social justice. Together we would chat about all the ways to make the world a better place, thrift (before Macklemore sang about it), and drink good tea. 

A few years in to our friendship Tessa told me about the cool guy who asked her to a dance. This guy being Chandler. He has always been a dreamy guy. Kind, witty, and brilliant. Chandler went for Tessa and they fell in love. 

When they got engaged I was over the moon excited. Two of the sweetest, brightest souls were getting married!! 

Ready for this super sweet, personal twist??

Tessa and Chandler became engaged around the same time I was dreaming about becoming a wedding planner. Only a handful of people knew I was considering entering the wedding industry. 

A few months into their engagement Tessa approached me about coordinating their wedding. All without knowing my desire to pursue it as a career. Fate? Maybe. Eh, likely. Okay, okay, it is definitely fate. 

Needless to say this was a very, very special wedding celebration for multiple reasons. I love this couple so much. They add so much joy and beautiful perspective to my life. 



I asked Tessa and Chandler to share more about their wedding day and marriage, and I can't wait for you to read their thoughts and wisdom yourself! 


Looking back on your engagement, what is one thing you are so glad you did? And one thing you could have done without? 

Tessa: I'm so glad that we didn't skimp on the guest list. We cut corners in other ways so we could have those that we loved with us! It made the day full of joy because there's nothing like having your favorite people from different parts of your life in one place. 

I think we could have done without as many decorations. The little details I put thought into were worthwhile, but less would have been ok.

Chandler: I am so glad we chose to invite as many people as possible, even if it meant cutting some other ideas we might have had - it was all of the people there that made it special.

There honestly isn't anything I would really change!  At least that I can think of!

What is your favorite memory from your wedding day? 

Tessa: The first look! I was so giddy and excited to see him, and I loved having that special, private moment with Chandler. 

Chandler: All of the dancing. I don't think I've ever been to another wedding where so many people were dancing and for so long. It was a great way to celebrate the happiness Tessa and I felt that day with our friends.

What is one thing you did not expect about marriage? 

Tessa: I did not realize how convenient marriage would be! A joint bank account takes out all the guesswork of who will pay for what. We definitely get to see each other more now, even when we are busy. 

Chandler: It's honestly way easier than I thought it would be (am I supposed to say that?). Tessa and I get to begin and end our days together, no matter how busy we are, and our decisions are made together which has made us put even more thought behind what we choose to do financially or in other ways.

It is certainly an adjustment realizing these things are your new reality, but for us we were able to make it work quickly. Our pre-marital counseling certainly helped with this.

How do you two stay intentional in your relationships? 

Tessa: We know each other's love languages and make an effort to show love in those ways. We also plan double dates several times a month!

Chandler: Tessa and I both have pretty busy schedules, so it takes intentionally carving out times for one another and other friends to make sure there is quality time with everyone. I think a big thing you can do is even just checking in on someone you haven't seen in a while with a text or call, especially if things are particularly crazy. A message asking how someone is makes them feel cared for and shows you are thinking of them. 

What is one piece of advice you want to give to other couples getting married? 

Tessa: Don't dwell on the details. By next week, few people will probably remember how nice your wedding program paper was, or whether or not you had customized napkins.

Chandler: Learn each day how to be a better spouse to your partner. Even if things are great, always be growing together and learning how to be the best pair you can possibly be. 

Also, travel together - you will learn so much not only about each other, but others together!


In addition to their beautiful families and incredible friends, a stellar vendor team supported the Coopers on their wedding day: 

Venue: The Round Barn 

Photographer: Andrew Edwards Photography

Videographer: Statler Video

Dress: Ella Weiss Wedding Design

Flowers: He Loves Me Flowers by Charity

Meal: Anna Davis, 365 Flavors

Cake: Charity Fent Cake Design

Photo booth: 417 Photo Bus

MUA: Studio 417

Hair: Studio 417

Stationary Design: The BRIDE! Tessa Jane Cooper 

Ceremony music: MSU Choir (yes! how freaking cool?) 

Planner and Coordinator: yours truly xo 


Finally, more pictures from The Andrew Edwards