Congrats on your engagement!

You have a beautiful story, and I'm honored to know you.


Image shot with love by Mela.


We all love a good story

People's stories have been my passion for years! Since I was a kid I have always loved stories. All the details of your story reveal a piece of you--your values, your desires, your hopes. I get pretty nerdy about it too (both my BA and MA are in culture). 

What matters to you is important to me. 

The large and small aspects of your life have shaped your story. I believe intentionally incorporating these significant elements bring deeper meaning and joy to your wedding day. 


“Wedding planning can be a stressful process at times, but Celia made it as smooth as possible for us.I was not entirely sold on the idea of a wedding planner at first because I thought I could do it myself. However, I COULD NOT IMAGINE OUR WEDDING JOURNEY WITHOUT CELIA. I cannot compliment her enough on the times she relieved pressure off of us and enhanced our relationship.” -Lydia, Bride

I have a love story too!

My husband, Aaron, and I are madly in love.   

We met in college and our lives haven't been the same since. Over the years we've learned so much from each other and grown in maturity and immaturity (we're suckers for corny jokes). 

Aaron and I happily live in Springfield, Missouri, where the tea is sweet and the people are sweeter. We’re also adventurous and love to travel! Springfield, MO is centrally located between our family out east and the mountains and desert we adore out west.

We love our girls, Aspen (the pup) and Roosevelt (the kitty). They love to snuggle with us and our friends.

One of the greatest lessons we've learned over the years is that community matters. We believe that we enjoyed our wedding day so much because we invested in each other and our relationships with friends and family throughout our time dating and engaged. Our sweet relationships didn't end there. We are constantly learning how to pursue one another with intention and to facilitate joyful space with friends and with one another. We are excited to include you in our community!