TRULY - coordination & month of support

For the couple with all vendors booked, Unions With Celia will ensure that your wedding day runs smoothly while encouraging you to keep your love front and center.

MADLY - partial planning and full coordination

For the couple seeking guidance on key wedding vendors and strong support before and after the wedding day, Unions With Celia provides the guidance you need to remain grounded in planning your wedding and joyful in preparing for marriage. 

DEEPLY - design, plan & coordinate

For the couple who deeply desire the energy to focus on preparing for their marriage and connect with their community, Unions With Celia lifts the load of wedding planning and conceptual design while creating space for you two to connect consistently. 

Special Events & A la Carte Services

For the free-spirited couple, I've got your back.  You can add an a la carte service to any package. These services include special events, set up, clean up, vendor coordination, budget formation and more! 


Which service will best meet your needs?

Let's talk about how UWC can support you in this beautiful season.